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July 31, 2015


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Pat Kelly

Your guests say that US citizens don't want low pat agricultural and service jobs. Isn't this just a way to allow these employers to maintain cheap labor? Maybe if these employers paid decent wages, they would not have to rely in illegal immigrants.


Ediberto Roman uses "studies" and statistics in deceptive manner to further his thesis. To state that immigration is at lowest it ever has is misleading. To be sure, he does add, compared to increased population of the U.S. But his corroboration through alleged studies suspect. In his own Contracts class in law school, I heard that he stated that in his experience, minority students did the best, and minority females were the top tier in his class. How does he quantify this, if true? He makes ridiculous statement that immigration created by demand. In my experience, it's based more on fleeing poverty or violence, or persecution, but not on demand. In fact, scandal erupted when American workers were teaching visa entrants how to take over their jobs properly.

American Dreamer

In China and other communist / third-world countries, the television DOMINATES with skewed (biased, distorted, perverted, inaccurate, unfair, misleading, FALSE)information. It works quite well for the governments(or people) who wish to condition / brainwash it's viewers into their sad, selfish, and greedy way of thinking. SADLY, on August 2, 2015, your show and it's cast of what appeared to be, anti-American soldiers would do the communists and enemies proud. Henry, were you tired, defeated or out-numbered by your panel? Your ability to oppose them, and therefore provide a balanced show, was abysmal (extremely bad, appalling..) The fact that your panel included Law Professors is muy aterrador (very frightening). I pray these individuals are NOT really the people they appeared to be on today's show.

American Dreamer

Answer this.... WHO DID THE AGRICULTURAL JOBS PRIOR TO THE INFLUX OF ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS? Black and White Americans. WHY DID THIS DEMOGRAPHIC CHANGE? Two words.....CHEAP LABOR! To have two Law Professionals, a community organizer and ?, speak of such lies about the hard-working, Americans is shameful.

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