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January 29, 2016


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Michael S

I am disappointed with Henry Mack's interview. I'll give him that looks good, like an interviewer, and has a handful of credentials. However, he seemed ill prepared to talk about the issue of drilling in the Everglades. His questions contained assumptions that he seemed to not realize were assumptions. This led the guest to correct the questions. For example, Henry included in his question that Florida will benefit economically from drilling in the everglades, the guess explain that the premise to his question was false - and he explained how it was false. Then, Henry glossed over the guest's statement and said that it's politically important. At this moment, he seemed more politician pushing an agenda, than interviewer trying to explain a topic to the public. I imagine science and engineering might just not be Henry's thing - by he should know that by now and stay away. I suggest PBS have him stick to his strengths which include less substantive issues.

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