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July 31, 2015


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Teresa Burke

I did not watch Ms. Ferre's show but must agree with a lot of what Ms, Fischer expresses. Brazilians in particular are coming with lots of money and buying with little care. I have to question what Mr. Kropke means by his picture of Miami in (yikes) 10 years. Yes, for sure it will be a "very different place". Not for the better.

Antoinette Fischer

Just watched this week's Issues.The interview with Charles Kropke was nauseating. He is obviously a front man for developers and Miami Beach politicians. His comment that "we are all citizens here" is such a blatant falsehood. Condos in monstrous high rises are being bought up like crazy by South Americans who come here with cash in hand. Miami-Dade County in general is loaded with non-citizens, that is, taxpayers who do not vote. Mr. Kropke also stated that in 10 years this is going to be a very different place,and for the better. Well, if a very overbuilt Miami Beach and Miami-Dade County, with no more fresh water due to salt water intrusion, too many people, sea level rise, beaches all washed away,more and more extreme poverty, poor public transit, inadequate roads halfway underwater, future plummeting real estate values,a cost of living index completely out of control,and this huge population using the ocean as a toilet, is Mr Kropke's idea of paradise, then I guess this is not paradise lost as Mr. Kropke stated. Mr. Kropke insults our intelligence with his absurd propaganda. Helen just sat there and let him go on and on with his ridiculous spiel.The real estate bubble is going to burst, and so is Mr.Kropke's vision of La La Land. Oh, by the way, does anyone have the courage to admit that the pumps that have been installed to mitigate flooded streets are a temporary fix. They will not be able to hold back the Atlantic Ocean for long. Sea level rise will win out, and much sooner than the media and local government will let the people know.

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