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May 30, 2014


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Rob Nelms

Please represent a different view below which represent the majority and please answer:
-why is the slip needed?
-filling would increase my access. i already frequent and jog through Bayside. an extension to the north would be GREAT.
-Why did Mr. Bush continually say it would eliminate bay-front public space when the bay-front (not counting the boring,stagnant slip front) would be extended to Bayside?
-i would LOVE to see the excitement of another international sporting season after basketball season is over. i.e. if the city must prepare for basketball traffic 50 times a year, 20 soccer matches will only make a public transport system already needed more profitable...more in demand
-my fort lauderdale and other florida friends would love to tri-rail it down for a bayside outdoor event then stay for the night life assuming metro and tri-rail would stay open later, they would never do that for an event next to marlin park.

Soccer is exciting, it is international, it has a new life and new fans and would bring more NEW money instead of churning normal american entertainment dollars... an "imported" tax benefit to all South Floridians especially if you consider the Europe Vs American tourneys like "Guinness International Champions Cup" and the "confederation cup" and more .

And private investors were going to PAY for it instead of begging for us to pay for their stadium!!! A No brainer... and refreshing.


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