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October 03, 2008


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Frank Millin

Mr Samson ... If you want a stadium. Take out a mortgage and make timeley payments. I'm sure you will find developers who need work !!!

Grace Solares

We oppose the Global Agreement, being the Marlin Stadium a component of such debacle. The people's monies should never be used to finance private businesses. This is what the Marlin's Stadium is: a private business. The sums of monies necessary to build the agreedupon parking alone, come from tax payers. The amount discussed at the City Commission when this Global Agreement was passed was $68 Million for the parking building. The City Manager has now stated that it looks more like $168 Millions just for the parking. The Global Agreement, which includes the Marlin Stadium, must be stopped at all cost. Otherwise, it is quite possible that the City of Miami will be a bankrupt city by the end of 2009.

Sheldon Willens

I love the Marlins and I love baseball. However a stadium will not generate a great deal of additional tourism.Unfortunately this community cannot afford a taxpayer funded stadium. This is also not the best location for a stadium.

Sandy Underhill

As a season seat holder, I certainly look forward to a baseball only stadium where I will no longer need to carry a poncho and a towel to every game. We have a young, talented and very exciting team. Hopefully, leaving behind our role as second class renters will allow us the means to offer them the salaries they deserve in order to keep them in Marlins uniform - and at no cost to the taxpayers.

Susan Bergstein

I look forward to the Marlins Stadium in order to watch a baseball game in total comfort whether it is a day or night game without worrying about a rain delay.
The new construction will bring new jobs to Miami and spur further development as witnessed in San Diego and Baltimore.
We may finally get the All-Star Game which was taken away from the area a few years ago. Don't forget that Miami is a global destination which would make the new Marlins Stadium a global attraction.

fran jackson

The Marlins have shown time and again that they are worthy of the support of this community. Mr. Samson has made it clear that no CRA funds will be used and the stadium itself will become its own source of community redevelopment. Our legal system has decided in favor of the Marlins and it is now time to break ground on what I'm sure will be a state-of-the-art venue that all of South Florida can be proud of and benefit from.

Peter Otto

Mr. Samson should pay for his own stadium. No one goes to these games. Another collosal waste of taxpayer funds. I did not vote for a stadium by voting for Major Alvarez. Put it to a vote if you are so sure the voters want it.

Sue Freedman

No one is asking anyone to take money out of their pockets to build a stadium, it is coming from tourist tax dollars and from the Marlins.
We are lucky to have been awarded a MLB franchise in
1993. A first class baseball only stadium along with the arts, parks and other arenas, help to make our city a true World Class area to live in.
Studies have shown the positive economic impact it has on a community.
Baseball is an inexpensive family outing. We also saw how it helped unite our diverse community with both World Championships.
We appreciate all the good Mr. Braman has done for our community but now it's time for progress!
If you build it, they will come!

Belle Weinstein

A new stadium will bring people to Miami-Dade county. Baseball fans travel the country during the summers and they bring staying in hotels and visiting local restaurants and shops. It will provide 1,500 construction jobs, hundreds of jobs to vendors and police when it opens. The stadium will help local businesses and new ones develop around the stadium.
A new stadium will give Miami free national publicity. Studies have shown that An All-Star game helps bring in $50 million to a community.
Playing in a baseball only stadium and knowing that a game will start on time and you won't melt will bring fans from all over South Florida.
It's time now to get it done!

Teri-Ross Icyda

Thank for providing a balanced presentation on the marlins stadium
Mr. David Samson, In fact made the pivotal comment. The Marlin's would rather pay player salaries than for facility.
I wish all business had that opportunity !

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