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NBR's Webster

If you’re confused by the title of this entry, no worries. I’m about to explain it all. I’m NBR’s Webster. Basically, that’s just a cute (at least I think it’s cute) way of saying I’m Nightly Business Report’s Web Producer. Now, if you aren’t too familiar with Channel 2, you might be asking yourself why someone would be writing about Nightly Business Report in a blog focused on television and community events in South Florida.

Well, Channel 2 produces Nightly Business Report – the nation’s most-watched evening business news program. We’ve got hard-working bureaus in New York, D.C., and Chicago, but the heart of NBR is in South Florida. That’s why, if you watch the program, you’ll see Paul Kangas (NBR’s long-time anchor and – to many fans – a stocks god) sitting in Miami.

I’m not going into anymore details about NBR here because you can learn them by exploring the “About NBR” section of our website. What I am here to do is tell you more about NBR’s website itself. The site is a great resource for experienced investors, novice investors, and even folks who have never invested in anything.

I’m going to use each Impromp2 blog entry I write to highlight one feature on the NBR website. This time, I’m going to tell you about “My Portfolio.” This feature requires registration, but that registration opens up the wonderful world of investment tracking to you. Once you register and login, you can build one or more investment portfolios that track specific stocks, bonds, stock options, and other investments you own. This will create a central place for you to see the value of your bundle of investments at any time. Yep, you can access the “My Portfolio” feature 24/7.

Those of you who don’t have investments can use “My Portfolio” to track your wish list of investments. That’s right, you don’t have own the investments you put into your NBR portfolio. Maybe there are a couple of companies you like, and you simply want to see how well (or how poorly – though we hope not) you would have done if you had invested in them. You can do that in “My Portfolio.” Maybe you simply want to see if you could make some money by investing in a treasury note. You can do that in “My Portfolio.” Or, maybe you need to follow stocks for your economics class. You can do that in “My Portfolio.”

Just one tip: You need to know the ticker symbol of the stocks you want to add to your NBR portfolio. Fortunately, the portfolio can help you look up those symbols if you know the name of the company. Just look for the “Symbol Lookup” link.

So, go forth now and explore the NBR website (http://www.pbs.org/nbr). And, don’t forget to check out the “My Portfolio” feature.

- Jaime