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It's a wrap!

Surfside uVuTV episode 5 is in the can and it marks the first time that uVuTV was shot entirely on location. The uVu crew visited the beautiful city of Surfside yesterday in an effort to get out into the community and bring a more youthful look to the show. Since we have never shot a broadcast show on location, we were eager to play with the new equipment provided to us by production. Our new gadgets included a HDV camera, a lavalier microphone, a wireless lavalier microphone, and our favorite: the boom microphone. Because it was so windy by the beach (gusts of 20 mph) the production crew gave us a special wind proof boom mic, which coincidently looked a lot like a koala bear.

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Rights and Responsibilities Online: A Paradox for Our Times

Webwiseday2tape1eh Jonathan F. Fanton, President, John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation delivered the Keynote address at the IMLS - Webwise Conference, Miami, Florida, March 6, 2008.

Titled "Rights and Responsibilities Online: A Paradox for Our Times,"  it was a cautionary tale of potential human rights violations in cyberspace and why the time to address these concerns is long overdue.  You can see all of Mr. Fanton's remarks on uVu, our video site, but here is a small sample:

Some see the activity in MySpace and Facebook as an alarming invasion of privacy; many young people see it as an essential tool of communication, learning and personal validation. Some view Wikipedia as a threat to traditional notions of credibility, authority, and expertise; others see it as an exciting new approach to sharing knowledge and authorship...

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South Florida Favorites Contest

Uvu We want to know what drives So Flo residents wild! What’s your favorite food, place, hobby, etc…? We want to know!! Make a one to five minute video about your absolute favorite thing in the world, upload it to our website, uVu  and if your video is chosen it will be broadcast on air and you will be invited on as a guest host for uVuTV, which is seen each week on Digital Channel 2-2 (click here for cable information).

Deadline to submit videos is April 17th, 2008. Open to South Florida residents only. Remember no nudity or graphic content please! And see uVu website for terms of use.  Windows Media or QuickTime video formats are preferred.  Want more info, watch this clip from uVu.

Any questions? Email: [email protected]


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Wired5783WIRED SCIENCE, the fast-paced PBS science and technology series produced by KCET/Los Angeles in association with WIRED magazine, transfers its energy to the web during its first-season hiatus with the January 2008 launch of the WIRED SCIENCE Student Video Contest hosted by Apple Student Gallery, the web’s premier collection of student-produced digital media projects. The online video competition calls for student innovators and experimenters in grades 9-12 to explore a scientific principle and create a short video. Anything science-related will qualify -- from a math formula or a chemistry equation to a law of physics. For complete details, please visit here.



On the drive in to work the other morning, I happened to hear an interview on a local news program featuring the two girls behind the “Chongalicious phenomenon.” What caught my attention was that they are High School teenagers who live just up the road from WPBT. I was probably just a few blocks from their school at the time I heard the story.

The following is courtesy of

Teens 'Chonga' Their Way To Stardom
'Chongalicious' Becomes Hit On YouTube

AVENTURA, Fla. -- Two South Florida teenagers produced a video that's one of the hottest on YouTube right now. Laura Dilorenzo and Mimi Davila have become known as the "Chongas" thanks to their Internet music video "Chongalicious." It's a spoof of Fergie's "Fergalicious."…

… Dilorenzo and Davila, who are both 17-year-old drama students at Dr. Michael Kropp High School, said they didn't expect the notoriety they've received.

… Dilorenzo and Davila said they are not Chongas. Once the makeup and jewelry come off, they are typical teenagers from Aventura.

But they will continue to build on their Chonga success. They're already working on their second parody, "I'm In Love With A Chonga."

The girls said the video will be posted on YouTube over the weekend.

I’ll be honest, I had never heard of Chongalicious until that morning.  As much as I try to stay engaged with internet video trends it is difficult to “be everywhere.”  I also imagine that if “Chongalicious” has caught the attention of traditional news outlets, Di Lorenzo and Davila’s fifteen minutes of fame may regrettably be near the end.  This blog entry isn’t an endorsement of the video, but rather a show of support for the inventiveness that new media allows for those who are willing to put themselves “out there.”

If you haven’t already seen the video, you can search for it on  I’m not including the link because the video may not be suitable for all viewers and if you are easily offended, I suggest you watch with discretion.   However, it’s almost impossible not to hear the song as soon as you turn on your radio as it is being played constantly on commercial radio in South Florida.

It isn’t this “Chongalicious” video that has me writing this entry, but rather the spirit of creativity and individual expression that fueled it.  Such creative freedom is the reason we have tried to become more interactive at WPBT.  We want to plug into the amazing sense of imaginative energy and social engagement that the  South Florida  region has to offer.  With projects like uVu, and even this blog, we are inviting all of our viewers (and readers and “streamies”) to become a part of the process.

How many times have you watched a television program or read an article and thought “Boy, did they miss the point or what?”

Well, that is exactly my point!  Now you can add your voice to the public record, enhance the discussion, and create a fuller and richer world of ideas.

I encourage you to participate at any level which you feel comfortable.  Leave a comment, upload a video, or add a blog entry.

As for Di Lorenzo and Davila, I hope you two will consider adding your future work to our uVu site. We welcome your energy and ideas!

-Neal in Programming

Walk on the Wild Side

Walkingtour1_4 A while back, WPBT Channel 2 created a television special called Miami Beach: Walking Tour.

Over the course of the program, Hunter Reno and Paul George explored the history and architecture of the beach, starting south of 5th street and continuing up to the luxury hotels that defined the beach in the 1950's.  That program is now available in chapters on our companion site uVu.Walkingtour3

Along the way, pointing out some little known points of interest, the tour gave even residents of the beach a different look at the life, history and structure of one of the greatest tourist destinations on earth.  If you want to vist the Wolfsonian Museum, the Art Deco hotels, the Jackie Gleason Theater or Espanola Way, it is possible to get a taste of it all from the comfort of your desktop.

Walkingtour6 Take the virtual tour by visiting uVu and search: Walking Tour and see it for yourself.

-Neal in programming

Welcome To The Monkey House

From NOW's website:

In one of his last television broadcast interviews, taped in October 2005

NOW's David Brancaccio interviews literary icon Kurt Vonnegut about his life and the current state of American democracy. With his classic wit, the legendary author of CAT'S CRADLE and SLAUGHTERHOUSE FIVE comments on how American democracy works and delivers some choice words for our parties, our system, and our president. Vonnegut's latest book, a collection of nonfiction entitled A MAN WITHOUT A COUNTRY, is a bestseller.

You can download the video by clicking on the NOW icon from WPBT's On Demand portal or watch the video online at NOW's own homepage.

- Neal in programming

Do You uVu?

So now that you've had a look at our blog and hopefully you've seen our On Demand and Podcasting section you may be asking yourself "What else is new"?

Glad you asked.

Walkingtour1If you haven't visited uVu yet, here is a brief description of what you are missing -- the best of everything South Florida has to offer.  Well maybe not everything yet, but ultimately, that is the hope.  uVu is WPBT's video sharing website, a place where we can post short videos from our extensive library of original productions.  We can bring back your favorite segments like the "Miami Beach Walking Tour" from New Florida or stories from other series such as Florida Roadtrip and Wild Florida.  Soon you'll even be able to find the Stargazer if you missed catching him on our broadcast channels.  How about a look at what is happening on the cultural front?  Currently on display, you can get a glimpse of the  Georgia O'Keeffe exhibit at the Norton Museum or a visit Port Royal Jamaica courtesy of the Historical Museum of South Florida, how about a short trailer for the Palm Beach International Film Festival or a tour of the African American Research Library in Fort Lauderdale.   As we build out our "collection," uVu can become your first stop for everything that is happening this weekend.

AaresearchcenterYou can even track the progress of Barrington Irving as he tries to make history.  If you haven't heard of him yet, you will soon enough but take a look here and find out now.

But that is just the start, because uVu (pronounced "you view") is really all about you.  uVu users can upload there own view of South Florida, what's on your mind, we want to know.  What do you love about living in our tropical paradise? Send us your video.  Tell us about your life, your neighborhood, your heroes or anything else you want to say. This is the place for truly local news, your news.  Become a citizen journalist and let us know what's really going on beyond the sound bites on the evening news. This is a great experiment in relevant social networking, but it can only work if you participate and help shape the future of uVu, so and tell us what you think.

-Neal in programming