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A Night of Poetry Everywhere with Liam Callanan and Campbell McGrath is hosted by the Miami Dade Public Library System on Thursday April 14 at 6:30


Campbell A Night of Poetry Everywhere is hosted by Liam Callanan, executive producer of Poetry Everywhere, and award-winning poet Campbell  McGrath. The evening is dedicated to screenings, readings and discussions about poetry. The event consists of thirty different short animated poetry Liamcallanan films from different poets including Miami’s own Campbell McGrath to the current Santa Fe Poet Laureate Valerie Martinez. Each film features every word of every poem, both onscreen and in the soundtrack. These films are screened on public television and in buses, libraries  and classrooms. The purpose of these films is to bring poetry into public life.

O_miami A Night of Poetry Everywhere is presented in collaboration with University of Wynwood, University of Wisconsin, and the Poetry Foundation as part of O, Miami (, a county-wide poetry festival inaugurating in April 2011. Its goal is for every single person in Miami-Dade County to encounter a poem during the month of April.

The event A Night of Poetry Everywhere takes place on Thursday April 14, 2011 at 6:30 till 8:30 at the Main Library Auditorium at 101 W. Flagler Street.

WPBT2’s video sharing website, uVu, will cover this special night.  If you cannot attend, take a look at the event on, keyword “Night of Poetry”

WPBT2 premieres William and Kate: A Royal Wedding on April 10th at 10 pm.


William and kate William and Kate: A Royal Wedding takes a look at the decade long relationship between Prince William and Kate Middleton. It shows how they first met at University and how they became too set a wedding date. It profiles the participants in this monumental relationship and how this will affect the royal family. This program celebrates and illuminates this highly anticipated and jubilant event in Britain’s royal history.

WPBT2 premieres American Experience: The Great Famine on Monday April 11th at 9pm.

Soup kitchen
When a devastating famine descended on Soviet Russia in 1921, it was the worst natural disaster in Europe since the Black Plague in the Middle Ages. Half a world away, Americans responded with a massive two-year relief campaign, championed by a new secretary of commerce, “The Great Humanitarian” Herbert Hoover. The nearly 300 American relief workers, “Hoover’s boys,” would be tested by a railroad system in disarray, a forbidding climate and being among the first group of outsiders to break through Russia’s isolation following the Famine victims Bolshevik Revolution, a ruthless government suspicious of their motives. By the summer of 1922, Americans were feeding nearly 11-million Soviet citizens a day in 19,000 kitchens. American Experience: The Great Famine tells this riveting story of America’s engagement with a distant and desperate people, an operation hailed for its efficiency, grit and generosity, within the larger story of the Russian Revolution and the roots of the U.S.-Soviet rivalry that would dominate the second half of the 20th century.

WPBT2 premieres Rediscovering Alexander Hamilton on Monday, April 11th at 10:00pm.

Hamilton REDISCOVERING ALEXANDER HAMILTON is hosted and written by prominent author and journalist Richard Brookhiser. The documentary focuses on Hamilton’s character in six chronological segments. The film is not meant to be “the definitive chronology of Alexander Hamilton,” but rather a look at particular traits in his character, his strengths and weaknesses, how they were shaped into being, and how they played out within the new nation that was being created around him.

To tell that story, the documentary combines traditional documentary techniques with Brookhiser’s exploration of Hamilton’s legacy and life in contemporary America. The film takes the viewer to the Hamilton2 Caribbean Islands where Hamilton was born, to Yorktown and Wall Street where he fought and worked, to Harlem and Weehaken, New Jersey, where he lived and died. A Treasury Secretary, Supreme Court Justice, publishers, pornographers, lawyers, warriors, Calypso singers and urban gang members speak about money, rights, news, war, sex and honor – all the themes that shaped Hamilton’s life, which led him to his early death resulting in modern capitalist America.

Rediscovering Alexander Hamilton is the second film in the Rediscovering documentary film series. The first film, Rediscovering George Washington, aired on WPBT2 in 2002.


WPBT2 premieres American Experience: Stonewall Uprising on April 25th at 9 p.m.

Stonewall3 In the late 1960s it was time of protests: black rights, war and women rights. One group was not apart of this: homosexuals. Many people thought homosexuality was a mental illness, and they did not want it to infiltrate society. Police would arrest gays and lesbians if they were seen together out in public, and people would just abide by these rules. The Stonewall Uprising was the first time that gays and lesbians fought back to the discrimination that they faced during this time. They did not fight back until June 29, 1969.

Stonewall Inn was a known gay bar in Greenwich Village in New York City. It Stonewall1 was the one place where gays could escape until the police started raiding it. American Experience: Stonewall Uprising goes in depth into the events of this night and the events that happened afterwards. The show premieres on WPBT2 on April 25th at 9 p.m.

Where was WPBT2 this week?

It has been a busy one, with stops at  the Arsht Center for the Fall For The Arts street fair, we hit the ground running this week, including stops at Sun Life Stadium, The Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival, The Kravis Center and Norton Museum of Art.

Here is some video from the week that was courtesy of WPBT2's uVu Video site:





Living the ñ Life

Mel Say Hello America, as once again WPBT2 launches a new weekly program for the "Que Pasa" generation.  From our friends at the Generation ñ website comes ñ Life.

And better yet, the program follows the return of the classic "sitcom" Que Pasa, U.S.A.? on Friday nights.

Catch Que Pasa, USA? at 11 pm and ñ Life with Melissa Hernandez at 11:30 pm. (pictured host Melissa Hernandez)

Here is a sneak peak from the first episode

 For more video visit or