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WPBT2 premieres Secrets of the Dead: China’s Terracotta Army on May 4th at 10:00 pm.

Terra The extraordinary story of China’s 8,000 terracotta warriors begins two centuries before the birth of Christ. The first emperor of China was preparing an extravagant tomb for his journey into the afterlife, and decreed that he be protected forever by a monumental army. Since then no one has seen these ancient warriors in their original splendor, brightly painted and fully armed, ready to protect their Emperor for all eternity. Now this once mighty army will be returned to its former glory for the first time. Row upon row of life-size, lavishly painted warriors will rise from the dust of two millennia. But how was a terracotta army of this size made in less than two years using the technology of 2200 years ago? Led by archaeologist Agnes Hsu,Terra2  SECRETS OF THE DEAD shows that the Chinese may have Henry Ford beat by more than 2,000 years with their own assembly line used to produce the 8,000-strong Ghost Army.

A Healthier You Starts Today!


The 6th Annual Boomers & Beyond 2011 Health and Wellness Expo will be held on Sunday, April 3 at 1:00pm- 5:00pm in the HPD Terry and Assembly II Buildings on the Nova Southeastern University Campus in Davie.

NSU and community partners will offer health, wellness and aging screenings including blood pressure, bone density and blood glucose.  The day will be full of important educational information on aging and health. 

Guests will also enjoy the many activities planned including a live jazz concert by Broward College Jazz Combo, a performance by Brazilian Voices, art show, raffles, giveaways and much more.

The event is free and open to the public ages 40+.

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Independent Lens | YOUNG @ AT HEART

The true story of the final weeks of rehearsal for the Young@Heart Chorus in Northampton, MA, whose average age is 81, and many of whom must overcome health adversities to participate. Their music is unexpected, going against the stereotype of their age group, performing songs, for example, by James Brown and Sonic Youth. Although they have toured Europe and sang for royalty, this account focuses on preparing new songs, not an easy endeavor, for a concert in their home town, which succeeds in spite of several real heart breaking events.

YOUNG@HEART premieres January 12, 2010 on Independent Lens