WPBT2 Airs Nova: The Bible's Buried Secrets
WPBT2 Broadcasts BBC One Live Coverage of the Royal Wedding on April 29th at 3:00 am.

WPBT2 premieres Looking for Lincoln on April 12th at 8:00 pm.

Lincoln This documentary follows one of the country’s best and enigmatic presidents. It is presented and written by Henry Louis Gates Jr. In the film, Gates shows how the Lincoln legend grew out of controversy, greed, love, clashing political perspectives, power struggles, and considerable disagreement over how our 16th president should be remembered. His quest to piece together Lincoln’s complex life takes him from Illinois to Gettysburg to Washington, D.C., and face-to-face with people who live with Lincoln every day – relic hunters, re-enactors, and others for whom the study of Lincoln is a passion.

The program gives an in-depth look at the famous almost mythological president. It discusses Lincoln’s Abe-lincoln childhood and his depression stage of his life. Furthermore, it explains Lincoln’s relationships with women and how he ended up with Mary Todd. It illustrates how Lincoln believed that there was strength in intelligence and he was not afraid to ask for help by enlisting his ex-opponents to be apart of his presidential cabinet.  He truly believed it would be the best for the country to succeed, as would freeing the slaves. President Abraham Lincoln left a mark on this country with more than just freeing the slaves and it shows in the documentary.


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