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I never understood what the big “hype” was about with Antiques. Antiques Roadshow is the #1 hit PBS show and it’s coming to the Miami Convention Center this Saturday, July 10.  For over 15 years WGBH a Show image 4 Boston PBS station has produced this show, and its getting a larger and larger following each year. With seven Emmy awards under its belt, the show proves to have some strong appeal.

I always thought “Antique” was just a nice way to say something was “old”. However, after much research, I’ve come to understand a bit more as to why people like the Antique phenomena.
For some it’s because it connects you to the past. Perhaps a place and time when you weren’t alive to see or be apart of, but this object (a piece of jewelry, or a household item) gives you the ability to connect with that particular era. Or with a relative (great-great-grandmother) the connection to the loved one, whom you only heard about through stories your mother told you.
Other people love antiques because of the treasures they find. For example one woman from Florida’s Gulf Coast who had a pair of sperm whale teeth with decorated scrimshaw designs. This woman paid only twenty cents (yep, you got it right 20¢) for these teeth, and they were worth an estimated $25,000 (can you say….OMG). With the money she received she was able to fix her house, which was damaged after hurricane Katrina. 

People love antiques for many reasons and while I still haven’t jumped on the Antiques bandwagon completely, I will look twice before walking away from a garage sale. 

Show image 6 So before throwing anything away, just think… Could this be worth something one day? If the answer is yes, you just might want to hold on to it.

If you don’t have tickets to this Saturday’s WPBT2’s Hosted Antiques Roadshow event, don’t worry WPBT2 has you covered, just check out or the week of July 12th and you can see behind-the-scenes video of the event.

Let us know your thoughts on Antiques. 

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