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The results are in and here is what you had to tell us about British Comedies on WPBT2.

Overwhelmingly, participants want us to continue running the classic British Comedies like Are You Being Served and Keeping Up Appearances, with 55% of the vote. The three other categories, less conventional; edgier or never before shown all received 15% of the votes.

South Florida apparently still wants to see British Comedies on Saturdays in the early evening, although there was strong sentiment for late Saturdays, late Sundays and even weeknights at 7:30.

The final results looked like this:

Saturday early evening        40%
Saturday late evening          20%
Sunday late evening            16%
Other                                 24%

And in terms of the shows you'd like to see, the answers were all over the map and included many of the programs currently in our schedule.

Thanks to all who participated and please take a look at After You've Gone, premiering later this month and tell us what you think of that new series.


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