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Watch Your Favorite WPBT2/PBS Programs on Your Own Schedule

Fans of WPBT2 now have more choices when it comes to how they watch their favorite WPBT2 and PBS programs. WPBT2 has launched the WPBT2 Video Player, allowing viewers to watch entire episodes of popular series online on their own schedule.

Videoplayer The WPBT2 Video Player can be accessed throughWPBT2’s website ( and offers streaming video of entire episodes from popular series including Frontline, Nightly Business Report, Nova, American Experience, Nature, Check, Please!, South Florida, Changing Seas and Issues on demand.

Click Here for a link to the WPBT2 Video Player. 

“People are busier today than ever before, and they want flexibility and options regarding where, when and how they watch their favorite programs. The WPBT2 Video Player allows our audience to pick their preferred time and their preferred screen,” says Rick Schneider, WPBT2 President and CEO.

The new video portal will provide improved navigation capabilities, allowing users to search and find their favorite shows by theme, episode, host and date and watch full-length programs on demand.


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