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Digital Converter Update

NTIA has made several improvements to the TV Converter Box Coupon Program that will help consumers prepare for the shut off of analog broadcasts by June 12, 2009, and has additional improvements planned for the coming weeks.  These changes are a result of the DTV Delay Act and made possible through funding provided by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, signed into law by President Obama on February 17, 2009. 

 The following Program updates are effective immediately:

 Coupon Waiting List and Distribution.  NTIA is processing approved coupon applications that were placed on a waiting list beginning in January 2009.  Consumers who had been notified they were approved for coupons but placed on a waiting list due to a lack of program funds will be issued coupons.  (Consumers can use the automatically-generated reference number they received at the time of application to check the status of their request on this Web site.) 
Consumers who apply for a coupon and are approved after the waiting list is eliminated will be handled on a first-come, first-served basis, while supplies last.  If the Program experiences high demand, it may be necessary for NTIA to once again place applicants on a waiting list.  Should this happen NTIA may distribute coupons to over-the-air only households first to ensure as many U.S. households as possible have at least one working television after their local TV stations complete the transition to digital by June 12, 2009.

Requested Coupons Mailed via First-Class Mail.  The TV Converter Box Coupon Program is mailing coupons via first-class mail.  Consumers will receive coupons more quickly.

Application Deadline.  Consumers should act now to prepare for the end of analog broadcasts in their local viewing area.  The Program will accept coupon applications until July 31, 2009 if funds are available to fill those requests.

In addition to these immediate improvements, NTIA is moving quickly to modify the Program processes to begin accepting applications from consumers whose coupons expired without being redeemed.  The Web site will be updated to indicate when applications for replacement coupons will be accepted.  At this time, consumers who try to reapply for a coupon which has expired or was lost or stolen will be denied.  Consumers should check the Web site to learn when the Coupon Program can accept requests to replace coupons which are lost, stolen or expired.


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