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Did you know that November 1, 2008 is the last day anyone with a good idea can submit an application to the Knight News Challenge media innovation contest?
The worldwide competition offers up to $5 million and seeks innovative ideas for a digital news and information projects, including: Improving local online news; bringing Web 2.0 tools to local neighborhoods; publishing platforms to support conversations in specific geographic communities.
Remember, there are just four rules for applicants to follow:

1. Use or create digital, open-source technology as the code base.
2. Use news and information to serve the public interest.
3. Benefit one or more specific geographic communities.
4. Be innovative.
For the first time, the contest offers more than fifty coaches standing by online in the ‘”News Challenge Garage” at to help innovators apply.
Last year’s winners received prizes ranging from $15,000 to $876,000. They included individuals, philanthropic organizations and for-profit businesses, such as the Bakersfield Californian newspaper. Ten winners were from the United States, and six were from Canada, England, Lithuania, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Russia.
For more information and to apply visit


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