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KidVision and Hurricanes

New Series "Changing Seas" Coming in November

The Changing Seas is a twelve-part series that examines the state of the oceans and explores the mysteries that lie beneath the sea. This original WPBT/Channel 2 series will take viewers on an exciting adventure below the water's surface. It will take them to places beyond their reach and let them follow explorers and scientists as they uncover new information that could lead to scientific breakthroughs. The series will also explore the ongoing threats to these great natural resources and let viewers discover first-hand how human activities impact the state of the oceans.

Floridians, perhaps more so than other Americans, depend on the oceans. Bordered by both the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, large parts of the state's economy rely on the beauty and bounty of the sea. Florida's beautiful beaches and calm waters attract tourists from around the world. The Sunshine State's subtropical waters harbor many species of fish and marine life, many which provide the basis for large commercial and recreational fisheries. Florida is also home to the world's third largest barrier coral reef, making it home to a diverse ecosystem second only to tropical rain forests.


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