Notes from NAB

Jeff Huff is WPBT's Vice President of Creative Services and is filing a blog from the 2008 National Association of Broadcasters' meeting:

April 15 at NAB was interesting since Tim Robbins blasted the attendees with his keynote address. As with political speeches, the buzz was pro and con but no one was "who cares". I didn't get a chance to see his speech but I hear he dropped a lot of words broadcasters could get fined for. His point I understand was to get broadcasters to understand they have an immense power to pull the country together. Well, I won't spend a lot of time on this but if you like you can look it up on YOU TUBE.

The biggest buzz going on is about "3ALITY" a company who had developed 3D broadcasting in the bandwidth we currently use. Imagine 3D hi-def! They did a show with Howie Mandel that wowed the crowd. For more, GOOGLE 3ALITY.

Broadcasting mobile within the DTV channel spectrum was on top of the heap. Its estimated that $2 billion dollars of new ad revenue could be had from broadcasters taking advantage of mobile technology. The conference attendees were calling for manufacturers to put a video chip into every mobile device manufactured. Television stations already have a relationship with advertisers and possess the infrastructure for production so it seems obvious that broadcasters need to take over this industry (according to the OPEN MOBILE VIDEO ASSOCIATION). GOOGLE OMVA for more.

As might be expected, lots of arguments about the traditional appointment tv and hour long episodes vs. the "diet pack" 5 to 10 minute episodes starring no one in particular and presented on YOU TUBE. Seems producers are making 5 to 10 minute "CSI's" and the like to retrieve some advertising bucks. So far so good some say. We'll see.

I visited many booths and got a lot of tech info. One of the top booths in the show is ADOBE. Everyone STILL fights to get a seat at any one of their hourly presentations. Something I thought was interesting is that this place is not a "young vs. old" place. Lots of salt and pepper hair mixed in with the spikes and tats here. . . ADOBE clearly sees what's happening and knows how to make products for the times. Something new just released from ADOBE yesterday and it’s FREE! ADOBE MEDIA PLAYER. Check it out:


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