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Index_r1_c1This morning, I'm writing from the Miami Beach Convention Center, where WebWise 2.0, a meeting hosted by the Institute of Museum and Library Services and locally by the Wolfsonian-FIU is going on for the next few days. Look for the video on uVu soon, particularly this mornings session, which was a real primer for Web 2.0. (You can read the WebWise Blog here)

Although there is already debate on what Web 3.0 is and what it will mean, there are still many people who are just beginning to come to terms with this great experiment in social networking, information sharing and online collaborating that we have come to accept as the norm with projects like uVu (and this blog).

Obviously it goes way beyond our simple efforts but take a look at these sessions, when they get posted (I'll update the link when they do) and you'll have a chance to catch up on 2.0 before 3.0 gets here.

The session included some basic definitions and a look at museum and library sites that are taking the lead in digitizing archives and creating collaborative user experiences.

Paul Marty, from FSU moderated the session which included Helene Blowers from the Columbus Metropolitan Museum, Robert Semper from the Exploratorium, Holly Witchley from the Cleveland Museum of Art and Elizabeth Yakel from the University of Michigan.


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