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Surfside uVuTV episode 5 is in the can and it marks the first time that uVuTV was shot entirely on location. The uVu crew visited the beautiful city of Surfside yesterday in an effort to get out into the community and bring a more youthful look to the show. Since we have never shot a broadcast show on location, we were eager to play with the new equipment provided to us by production. Our new gadgets included a HDV camera, a lavalier microphone, a wireless lavalier microphone, and our favorite: the boom microphone. Because it was so windy by the beach (gusts of 20 mph) the production crew gave us a special wind proof boom mic, which coincidently looked a lot like a koala bear.

The filming of the show went very smoothly and we were surprised by all the people who were just standing by us as we filmed. Heads turned to see what was going on and a couple people asked what we were filming. Koala The mailman even waived to the camera in the background. I think once we start sporting our uVu crew t-shirts people will be more curious as to what uVu is. The only obstacles we ran into were the sound of big trucks and buses that passed by and Jessy occasionally forgetting her lines.

Next we have to edit the show and then the question comes to where will we shot next? I think Lincoln Road looks promising. Hope to see you there!

uVuTV airs Sunday nights on Digital Channel 2-2 (check your cable listings for channels in your area)

If you'd like to win a chance to appear on uVuTV read this earlier blog entry.



This is too funny. It was a beautiful shoot. People were very nice to us, the beach was beautiful..and uVu TV rocks! yeah!

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