Michelle Serves Up a Taste of Check, Please!

The Survey says....

In the business of broadcasting, there is nothing that gets you more excited than statistical analysis. As an industry, we live and die with ratings and demographics and the science of how these numbers are determined is as fascinating as any reality program for those of us who "crunch" them for a living. In much the same way, pollsters use a similar approach to determine our tendencies and peculiarities.  At times (New Hampshire's primary for example) even the best of this information can be difficult to interpret and in the end the real question is "what does it tell us about ourselves?"

Zogby This morning was a rare opportunity to go behind the numbers a bit and hear from a man who has dedicated his live to compiling and interpreting the collected data, John Zogby.  He released the Second Quarterly Survey for South Florida and on the heels of this week's election, it was interesting to hear from an expert what it all means for South Florida today and how we can use this information to build a future for the region.  The event was sponsored by Bank of America and Argent Ventures and was a co-presentation by Zogby International and South Florida CEO Magazine.

You can watch the entire presentation courtesy of uVu, WPBT's video sharing website by clicking here.


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