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Michelle Serves Up a Taste of Check, Please!

Check, Please! South Florida brings together all different types of people, from all walks of life to discuss their favorite subject: FOOD.  And for me, it's kind of like meeting new friends.  It's great!  There is nothing better than food to bring family and friends called 'breaking bread' as they say. 

Michy We're all so busy in our lives.  My life revolves around my restaurant, and to be able to meet these people on the show and to get to sit down with them for an hour to chit chat about their lives and the food they like to eat was a truly enjoyable experience!  I feel like I have made friends for life.....and I have found restaurants for life!

Living in Miami, I very seldom get to venture to Palm Beach or the Northern parts of Fort Lauderdale to visit new restaurants, especially some of the tiny, little, hidden-away places we featured on the show.  As I stopped in at each of these places, I discovered there are such beautiful stories - and histories behind these restaurants.  It would be a shame not to find out a little bit about that history.  Through Check, Please! South Florida, I get the opportunity to sit and talk to some of the chefs and managers, behind-the-scenes in their own restaurants -- something I very rarely get to do.  It was great to witness the unbelievable passion and drive that exists in the people who make the magic happen.

I find that owning a restaurant is almost like producing a play -- you all are the audience, and we are behind the curtains preparing all day.  Finally, when the curtains open, we are on stage all night long.  But, for me, to get in there and see the backstage of a restaurant is always fascinating.

On Check, Please! South Florida, I hope that you'll discover some restaurants that may have fallen under the radar, perhaps because of their size or location.  I'd never even heard of some of these spots before, and now that I've gone to visit, I have fallen in love with the places, as well as the people who work so tirelessly, and often so thanklessly, behind the scenes.  I hope this show will reveal something new to you, as we whet your appetite for the great variety of cuisine that can be found all over South Florida.

Visit our website at - where you can learn more about the series, apply to be a guest on a future episode, or just tell us what you think of South Florida's cuisine scene.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Bon Appetit!

-- Michelle Bernstein, Host of Check, Please! South Florida

NOTE: Check, Please! South Florida premieres January 28 at 7:30 p.m. exclusively on WPBT Channel 2 in Miami


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