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Walkingtour1_4 A while back, WPBT Channel 2 created a television special called Miami Beach: Walking Tour.

Over the course of the program, Hunter Reno and Paul George explored the history and architecture of the beach, starting south of 5th street and continuing up to the luxury hotels that defined the beach in the 1950's.  That program is now available in chapters on our companion site uVu.Walkingtour3

Along the way, pointing out some little known points of interest, the tour gave even residents of the beach a different look at the life, history and structure of one of the greatest tourist destinations on earth.  If you want to vist the Wolfsonian Museum, the Art Deco hotels, the Jackie Gleason Theater or Espanola Way, it is possible to get a taste of it all from the comfort of your desktop.

Walkingtour6 Take the virtual tour by visiting uVu and search: Walking Tour and see it for yourself.

-Neal in programming


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