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So now that you've had a look at our blog and hopefully you've seen our On Demand and Podcasting section you may be asking yourself "What else is new"?

Glad you asked.

Walkingtour1If you haven't visited uVu yet, here is a brief description of what you are missing -- the best of everything South Florida has to offer.  Well maybe not everything yet, but ultimately, that is the hope.  uVu is WPBT's video sharing website, a place where we can post short videos from our extensive library of original productions.  We can bring back your favorite segments like the "Miami Beach Walking Tour" from New Florida or stories from other series such as Florida Roadtrip and Wild Florida.  Soon you'll even be able to find the Stargazer if you missed catching him on our broadcast channels.  How about a look at what is happening on the cultural front?  Currently on display, you can get a glimpse of the  Georgia O'Keeffe exhibit at the Norton Museum or a visit Port Royal Jamaica courtesy of the Historical Museum of South Florida, how about a short trailer for the Palm Beach International Film Festival or a tour of the African American Research Library in Fort Lauderdale.   As we build out our "collection," uVu can become your first stop for everything that is happening this weekend.

AaresearchcenterYou can even track the progress of Barrington Irving as he tries to make history.  If you haven't heard of him yet, you will soon enough but take a look here and find out now.

But that is just the start, because uVu (pronounced "you view") is really all about you.  uVu users can upload there own view of South Florida, what's on your mind, we want to know.  What do you love about living in our tropical paradise? Send us your video.  Tell us about your life, your neighborhood, your heroes or anything else you want to say. This is the place for truly local news, your news.  Become a citizen journalist and let us know what's really going on beyond the sound bites on the evening news. This is a great experiment in relevant social networking, but it can only work if you participate and help shape the future of uVu, so and tell us what you think.

-Neal in programming


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