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September 21, 2012


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Christopher from Paradise

I recorder and just watched your program, and it was very informative, I have had ideas about much of this. One idea is it is much about the haves and the have-nots. The ruling class want to hold onto the power they have. In educating the masses with the promise of prosperity had been a great mistake as there in not enough to go around. The wealthy want to hold onto power and the new generation wants the rewards promised by there education and the economic model will not work that way. The ruling class must remain small and the work force large. Every one cannot be the cook. Weather it is communism or capitalism there is still the ruling elite, even the terrorists have there power structure I am sure. Yes America has proved to have a middle class and make it work, but what many do not realize it this model is built upon the exploits of the whole economy of the planet and is not an island. The success of America is not democracy, but world dominance, and capitalism. The terrorists see the injustice and rightfully so, but they will only shift power to new power holders and leave a wake of destruction in the process. Maybe it is all a part of the great time continuum.

The issue of religion in all of this is very disturbing. Not just Christianity is guilty of bastardizing the word of the messiah Christ, but the Muslims as well have modified the word of there messiah. I understand Mohamed wanted his religion to be for the common man to have a direct link to God, and some how man has changed that back to the need to have a church or leader to pass on his communication. Like Bob Dylan said do not fallow leaders. Yes there are wise men, but do not fallow blindly, like religion demands at times. Maybe I could have said more or less in a better way, but that is it on the spur of a moment in time.

Your show is good, it is important to have dialog.


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