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January 07, 2013


Mator Anne Sallee

Dear Michelle - The Mai Kai is not in Fort Lauderdale, although it is on the border. It IS in the City of Oakland Park, and we're proud to claim it as our own.

Thanks you, Oakland Park Mayor, Anne Salle

CP Producer

Thanks, Julie. We're glad to hear Bragozzo is back! Looking forward to checking it out.

Julie Wernick

Congrats on your 9th season! Amazing to me that it was so very long ago that I was one of your guest reviewers on your first season.

Thought I'd send along this update:
Although the restaurant I reviewed (Bragozzo Osteria in Pompano Beach)closed and my review has since been cut from the repeating clips, I'm happy to say that another "incarnation" of Bragozzo has re-opened at the Isle Casino. Still Italian cuisine, the price points of the entrees are much lower and the menu is a bit different.
Their are new owners, new chefs, etc., as well.

There are special promotions, at times. One of the most value oriented is that by sitting at the food bar, you receive a quarto of wine free with your meal, as well as some free "amouse bouche" appetizers/tastes. Foodies will enjoy watching the cooking close up and talking with Jose or one of the other chefs as they prepare and expedite various meals.

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